Investment Planning

The Penney, Ruddy & Winter Investment Committee forms the foundation of our investment approach. The Investment Committee, which meets quarterly, comprises the Directors of Penney, Ruddy & Winter and a Chartered Wealth Manager.

We employ a Chartered Wealth Manager to advise our Investment Committee, providing research, monitoring and reviews of the portfolios and funds we recommend to clients. He presents his research to the Investment Committee at the end of each quarter.

We feel that the expertise and experience we have within our Investment Committee, including a Chartered Wealth Manager employed solely to provide investment expertise, sets us apart from many other adviser firms.

We use leading research tools, providing us with detailed information concerning each fund.  Due to our contacts within the industry, we are also able to speak to some of the leading fund managers in the UK.

An important aspect to our investment approach is investment risk. Maximising the return with the minimal volatility is ultimately our aim, and this can be achieved through diversification and good fund management.

We pride ourselves on our well researched approach, meaning we are able to distinguish ourselves from many other financial planning firms.